We innovate with a robot that checks wine labels and a virtual audio guide for future visits to Finca Testeina

An avatar that acts as a guide and tells you the secrets of Bodegas Vega de Yuco – Finca Testeina, is one of the innovations of the mobile App with which our winery intends to impact the experience of its visitors. It is a virtual audio guide, with augmented reality and in various languages ​​for future visits to Finca Testeina, the new wine tourism project that the winery is working on. When you download it, a 3D avatar appears that accompanies you while explaining the content of each stop of interest, with videos, three-dimensional animations and games. This innovative application has a fully customized interface to the winery's corporate identity, accessible from any mobile device. The winery thus intends to open a new channel for disseminating its much more direct and dynamic content with its visitors.

App Testeina

Machine vision to place labels

But it is not the only technological implementation of our winery. Our newest member of the squad is a robot that watches the wine labels to ensure they are positioned correctly. It is a technology based on artificial vision that analyzes the integrity and correspondence of the labels that are placed on the bottles. This inspector is able to reduce, in front of a human, the percentage of error, reducing the bottling time and the number of returns of the product delivered due to a bad labeling, achieving a more efficient production process and logistics management and, therefore, an increase in customer satisfaction with the product.

The service of the Red CIDE from Chamber of Commerce of Lanzarote and La Graciosa helps Bodegas Vega de Yuco to identify some lines of public financing to develop innovative projects like this one.

We innovate with the CIDE Network

For the development of these projects, Bodegas Vega de Yuco has had the support of the Center for the CIDE Network of the Chamber of Commerce of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, where she has been advised to identify public financing lines most appropriate to your projects and accompanied throughout the procedure, benefiting from the help of Bonds for Digital Transformation, convened by the Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands.

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