Punch Wall

Art and viticulture merge into the ‘Soco’ wall sculpture in the La Barrilla Workshop for Bodegas Vega de Yuco-Finca Testeina

Bodegas Vega de Yuco in its commitment to culture, crafts, art and local creation, collaborates again with the La Barrilla Ceramic Workshop to decorate some of the spaces that are in the surroundings of Finca Testeina, the new project of Wine tourism and space for events in which this winery in Lanzarote has been working for a long time.

The sculptural work 'Soco' from the La Barrilla Ceramic Workshop has been created by Nicolás Martín Cabrera, author of the mural, together with Antonia García Granados, Iñigo Feijoo Sarasola, Miguel Ángel Hernández Rödel, Neila Mesa Pacheco and Onelia Nóbrega González, other members of the workshop.

Seven pieces make up the entirety of this modular mural inspired by the traditional souks of La Geria in Lanzarote and the trade winds. Each of the pieces has been made individually with three cooking phases at a temperature of 1,280º, also counting on the decorative process. The work, enameled with a white background and elements that illustrate and represent the traditional vineyard of the island with symbols in black, already shines on one of the walls of Finca Testeina. The simplicity of its forms, colors and decoration contrasts with the volcanic environment and wine-growing landscape for which it has been conceived.

The artist and sculptor explains that “The realization of a work of these characteristics goes through several phases before conceiving the same, such as the choice of the exhibition place, the choice of materials and the appropriate techniques for its execution and, even, the fastening and anchoring system for the space where the mural has finally been installed, given the dimensions and weight of the play”.

Nicolás Martín points out that for the entire workshop team involved in its creation it has been “very rewarding this job", Which is the second work carried out for the winery,"thanks to the trust and commitment of Rafael Espino, manager and owner of Bodegas Vega de Yuco, for promoting talent and local crafts, as a link between viticulture, art and culture from our island”.

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